Recruiting / July 8, 2020 3 Detroit & Ann Arbor Tech Companies Hiring Right Now

Plenty of tech companies in Southeast Michigan are still hiring during coronavirus, but you might not see their listings on job boards. We wanted to highlight a few companies you might not have seen yet on Cronicle, because there are so many tech startups in Ann Arbor and Detroit that after 1 year we still haven't had a chance to speak with many of them. Here are a few tech companies hiring right now in Ann Arbor and Detroit. We will split this post into several sections because of length, so check back through next week for more.

Mobility Tech, Software / July 3, 2020 Software Company UrsaLeo’s Ann Arbor Expansion Supports Manufacturers with Digital Twinning Tech

Enterprise software company UrsaLeo recently announced an expansion into the Southeast Michigan advanced manufacturing space with an Ann Arbor office opening. The company plans to work with manufacturers to create 3D photorealistic models of factory floors, equipment and product models to create remote training, operations, and product demo options for companies adding virtual modeling to their operations.

Funding, Leadership / July 2, 2020 Washtenaw Community College Offers Free Business Planning Support

So you’re laid off, or already thinking of starting a new company, but now it not the ideal time to apply to an elite startup incubator. What does a company that doesn’t quite qualify as tech or can’t get funding do right now to fill in the mentorship gaps on the road to starting a new business in Southeast Michigan? Kristin Gapske is the Director of the Washtenaw Community College Entrepreneurship Center, which helps new startup and Main Street small business founders get the help they need to:

Networking, Tech Events / June 26, 2020 Online Tech Conferences & Events July 2020

More tech conferences and tech networking events have shifted online next month, making conferences from Silicon Valley to the Seine more accessible across the globe. Many events have also reduced prices or are offering conference content for free, and many job fairs are now virtual. Here are some highlights of online and global tech conferences going on in July 2020, still including some local events to our Midwest ecosystem as well. If you have an event to add to the calender, please email the editor.

Tech Events / June 24, 2020 Detroit Startup Week Is Online Now

Detroit Startup Week is online this week, bringing you 100 talks from local and national professionals in the tech and startup space. The best part? You can sign up for free and view the talks on your own schedule.

Announcements, Recruiting, University of Michigan, User Experience / June 23, 2020 University of Michigan School of Information Students Available for UX and Data Analysis Projects

The University of Michigan School of Information is seeking organizations to host student projects in the 2020-2021 school year. Organizations from all industries - corporate, non-profit, governmental, health, and research institutions - that seek impact and access to high-caliber students are invited to propose a project.

Software, University of Michigan / June 19, 2020 University Budgets Were Hit Hard: Can Software Help?

Universities everywhere are trying to trim budgets and plan for virtual instruction in case of a second wave in the Fall 2020 semester, but where does that slack come from? In the case of schools where staff is at essential levels already or there are unavoidable cutbacks or furloughs, can software help remaining faculty and staff do more with less?

Software / May 12, 2020 Text Mine COVID-19 Research Using ITHAKA’s New Text Mining Service

The idea? Put publicly available datasets all in one place so it's easier for researchers to do text mining and analysis on over 19 million academic articles. The CORD-19 dataset, a full-text and metadata dataset of COVID-19 and coronavirus-related research articles, is included. Amy Kirchhoff is the Text and Data Mining Business Manager at ITHAKA, the company that runs popular academic research site JSTOR. Kirchhoff is also an Archive Service Product Manager at Portico, ITHAKA's content preservation archive. She leads a team building a new service to allow users to mine datasets related to COVID-19 research along with a host of other related data and published papers. "We are building a text mining service," Kirchhoff says of the new program, which allows customized searches of aggregated datasets related to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Leadership / May 8, 2020 COVID-19 Response The Startup Way: First Aid for Entrepreneurs

In 2011, Eric Ries rocked the business world when he published The Lean Startup. His ideas about how to bring discovery of customer behavior to the forefront of everything was a revelation for millions. Since that time, Eric has himself been on a journey of discovery. He has learned that his ideas are valuable to organizations of all sizes and in different ways than even he imagined at first. During the ensuing six years, Eric worked with companies large and small to implement the ideas that he and his team developed. The culmination of that work was delivered in 2017 to the rest of us in the form of a book entitled The Startup Way.

Software / May 7, 2020 What Makes A Work From Home Technology Suite Secure?

Often overnight with the coronavirus outbreak shutdowns across the world, business owners and employees were asked to convert to work from home technology without any transition. Obviously that is not only a recipe for communication and infrastructure strain but a major security risk as well. We have heard a number of stories at Cronicle about companies offering work from home technology, but what really makes these suites of software and virtual work from home technology work together as a suite of secure team connectivity tools?

Announcements / January 3, 2020 Support Midwest Tech News Coverage By Becoming a Patron

Happy New Year, everyone! We are excited to kick off this new year with expanding interviews and test drives with the coolest new tech coming out of Michigan, but we need your help. Cronicle Press Tech News is supported through sponsorships of various kinds, and now you can become an individual or corporate Patron as well to help fund the work we are doing to cover the historic growth of tech in the Great Lakes area.

Engineering, Mobility Tech / June 18, 2020 Innovation Beyond Borders with TusStar’s International Startup Incubators

TusStar is an affiliated network of tech startup incubators and early stage venture accelerators located in over 130 cities around the world. It is led by professors at Tsinghua University in China, a major research university in Beijing, and there is a TusStar Incubator in emerging tech hub Ann Arbor, where a number of academic faculty at the University of Michigan start new companies to make use of inventions found during their research careers. Frank Ni is the head of TusStar Ann Arbor, founded as the premier TusStar location in the U.S. in late 2017 on the north side of Ann Arbor which is famous for its engineering, science research, robotics and autonomous vehicle research campuses. "Innovation can go beyond borders," Ni tells Cronicle of the philosophy of starting an international incubator in Southeast Michigan.

Funding, Leadership, News / June 17, 2020 Behind The Scenes of Midwest Tech During COVID-19

We've spoken with a number of executives in the past 3 months who are responding to COVID-19 for their big tech business or small startup, and we noticed some trends in how businesses are responding to the pandemic. Quite a few people from virtual panel attendees to readers to interviewees have asked Cronicle questions about what we're seeing in our interviews with Midwest Tech. It's the million-dollar question: what's next? How are businesses coping, and how does that impact their workers and public health? Here are the top trends we've noticed behind the scenes in Midwest tech in our interviews from manufacturers and scientists pivoting to produce PPE to tech startups creating new software for public health initiatives. All of this is based in our limited interview time and virtual networking, not an official survey. Here are, in order that they appeared, the behind the scenes trends we've noticed in Midwest tech businesses responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Software / June 12, 2020 Finally an End-to-End Encryption Video Conferencing Software

Popular video conferencing software Zoom and other remote conferencing tech services have been in the news lately for failing to fully secure users' data, especially at a time when business suddenly went 100% online remote overnight and sensitive data is at risk. One company in Ontario has created a solution. Instead of reverse engineering encryption within a platform or between technology products, a company called Tauria claims to have built a suite of remote office products from the ground up with end-to-end encryption in mind from the beginning. It's available by free trial, only $10/month for small businesses (more for enterprise solutions), and it's launching this month.

Virtual Summer Camps: Now Everyone Can Enjoy Remote Science & Art Camps
Announcements, Engineering, Fun

Virtual Summer Camps: Now Everyone Can Enjoy Remote Science & Art Camps

As summer camps went virtual across the U.S., we had a sneaky little thought. Who is to know if your kid is doing the remote summer camp… or you are? Some activities are fun for all ages. If you’re looking for summer activities at home for your kid, or… yourself, look no further than our own back yard. Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan is home to dozens of world-class summer camp programs, and now you can access them from anywhere.

Protect Michigan Creates New Air Filtration PPE for Frontline COVID-19 Workers Facing High Viral Load
Announcements, News

Protect Michigan Creates New Air Filtration PPE for Frontline COVID-19 Workers Facing High Viral Load

Ann Arbor’s maker community has designed a simplified protective face shield with powered filtered flow, a little brother of the high-end hazmat suit style PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) you see in contagion movies. The so-called PFFR is not a fully contained helmet or suit, and has been redesigned to be more appropriate for the current pandemic. It costs under $100 instead of $2,000, and will soon be ready for production. The only problem? Many frontline workers are only allowed to use protective gear that fits into previously FDA-approved personal protective equipment (PPE). This concept likely falls between existing PPE categories, because it isn’t a full respirator mask and it isn’t a simple face shield but somewhere in between. The journey to getting FDA emergency use authorization has been a long one, even in times when the agency has sped up its evaluation process drastically to get more PPE onto the front lines.

We Stand With Those Working Toward Justice & Equality

We Stand With Those Working Toward Justice & Equality

We at Cronicle would like to expect social justice and equality to be the norm. Times like these highlight how far we as a society still have to go, including in the tech industry where minority founders and talent are regularly underfunded or mistreated. Also in Southeast Michigan, which remains one of the most segregated metro areas in the United States. While Cronicle already highlights organizations that promote equal opportunity and fair treatment for under-represented people groups, we want you to know at this juncture in our history as a startup that we stand with all of you working toward equal opportunities for everyone regardless of race or gender expression, for fair treatment in the world at every level, and will do our best to highlight more opportunities for tech to support people in our community and in the world at large whose diverse perspectives and talents enrich the fabric of our collective future.

16 Contactless Delivery Services To Make Work From Home Easier
Fun, News

16 Contactless Delivery Services To Make Work From Home Easier

In a short month, everything from grocery delivery to contactless delivery robots are becoming commonplace as the American workforce adjusts to work from home. You can still go out of the house for essentials even during stay-at-home orders in most cases, but what if you’re looking to have contactless delivery of as many supplies as possible? We put together a list of top newer delivery services you may not know are now in your area. We focused this list on Southeast Michigan where we have tested the services, but many of these services are national or quickly expanding in your area, too. Most offer a zip code check to find out if you are in the delivery zone.

How Will We Track COVID-19 Symptoms As Americans Return To Work? An App Attempts To Identify Hotspots
Medical Tech

How Will We Track COVID-19 Symptoms As Americans Return To Work? An App Attempts To Identify Hotspots

How honest can we expect workers to be about symptoms of COVID-19 as they return to work they need for economic security and healthcare? Are employers or the government assuring worker job security when workers fall ill so that they can afford to miss work? These are some of the questions we’ve been mulling as Michigan Governor Whitmer announced her 6-phase plan for safely reopening the Michigan economy. States around the U.S. are reopening despite not reaching recommended milestones, and tensions are running high between people concerned about health versus disastrous employment numbers, including 48% of Detroiters losing their job in recent months.

What Happens To Tech Coworking After Shutdown?
Networking, News

What Happens To Tech Coworking After Shutdown?

Companies around the world are navigating how to reopen after shutdown. In many cases, it simply isn’t feasible for workers to return to cramped working conditions even with masks and hand sanitizer or spray shields, so many companies are extending work from home indefinitely. But tech has largely been operating on the idea that innovation happens in close quarters when founders swim in a soup of collaborative brainstorming–especially startups that operate out of coworking spaces. What happens to the coworking spaces and the smaller tech startups that operate out of these shared spaces after reopening?

12 Tech Companies & Job Boards For Work From Home Tech Jobs

12 Tech Companies & Job Boards For Work From Home Tech Jobs

Tech companies are leading the charge to hire work from home jobs after the poorly contained coronavirus outbreak has left businesses scrambling to address workplace safety. While some workplaces will continue to allow work from home during shutdown and then return workers to offices equipped with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and widely spaced desks with spray shields, others are seeing the issue of protecting workers as a more longterm challenge and taking advantage of the opportunities that work from home provides.

How Tech Startups Are Succeeding During COVID-19
Funding, Mobility Tech, Tech News

How Tech Startups Are Succeeding During COVID-19

Research labs have been shut down. Small businesses are searching for funding. But it’s not all bad news in the emerging tech hubs of the Midwest. Especially in hard-hit Michigan, the structure is in place to allow some startups to do quite well during challenging times. We went in to a few interviews of Midwest tech companies and startup coaches thinking they would help us pay forward resources to startup founders to get through these hard times. In addition to resources, they had some good news.

Startup LoanSense Uses Algorithm To Help Find The Right Loan Forgiveness Program, Even Years Into Repayment

Startup LoanSense Uses Algorithm To Help Find The Right Loan Forgiveness Program, Even Years Into Repayment

What happens when you’ve repaid your loans for years only to find out the loan forgiveness won’t kick in because you didn’t fill out the right paperwork? What if you can’t repay loans right now because you lost a job due to the coronavirus recession? Ann Arbor’s LoanSense, a brand-new startup founded by Catalina Kaiyoorawongs and co-founder Ivan Herndon formerly of StockX, uses technology to find the right program for loan forgiveness or repayment.

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