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The Newest Midwest Mobility Startups To Watch: P3 Mobility

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P3 Mobility Paves The Way for National Automated Vehicle Deployment

P3Mobility is a new mobility startup founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan that has partnered with local government in automated vehicle testing to deploy smart infrastructure that increases safety, mobility, and fuel economy of autonomous vehicles.

The new startup doesn’t just test vehicles: P3 Mobility’s proprietary software platform also facilitates the revenue generation necessary to finance smart road infrastructure and connected vehicle services.

Tech necessary to generate revenue for connected roads includes Equipped Vehicle Trajectory Awareness (EVTA), Traffic Signal Priority (TSP), Emergency Signal Priority (ESP), and Dedicated Lane Access (HOV or Tolling). Revenue has been a pain point for funding autonomous vehicle infrastructure. This pilot program has the chance to model a way forward for smart city transportation planning.

Ann Arbor recently launched a program funded by $9.95 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and headed by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute to install smart intersections across the city of Ann Arbor in partnership with P3 Mobility. These smart intersections will test connected vehicle technology and improve current autonomous sensor tech, which has improved greatly over the last few years but still struggles with occasional blind spots or confusion caused by weather interference. P3 Mobility plans to expand on this to test similar programs rolled out across the country in partnership with local government agencies.

Midwest Mobility Startups On The Rise

Stay tuned for more Midwest mobility startups to watch. There are a number of pilot programs and mobility tech startups up and coming in the city of Ann Arbor that have been a long time coming, particularly due to the city’s investment in autonomous vehicle test environments and the real-world friendly test environment of the city’s roads. We’ll be back soon with more.

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June 8, 2021

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