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Cronicle Press is a media outlet and content marketing consultancy that was co-founded as a Midwest tech blog by Ann Arbor-based green tech journalist and editor Laura K. Cowan and Archie Cowan, software engineer at Amazon (formerly technical architect for ITHAKA/JSTOR), to create a news and networking space for the growing Ann Arbor/Detroit tech scene.

Soon we were offering content marketing consulting. With the advent of AI, we have shifted focus to enable growing small businesses to use AI tools for increased efficiency and to help solopreneurs and authors set up fully remote business operations using AI tools and software and consulting solutions.

Cronicle still tells the stories and perspectives of tech executives and professionals across several business and tech industries. Now we are adding educational content on how businesses can harness the power of AI to enhance their success, not replace their human creatives.

To be interviewed on Cronicle or to sponsor the blog or local networking events, please contact the editor.

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