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From Water Pollution to Cannabis Testing: Traverse City’s SampleServe Automates Environmental Survey Data

Russell Schindler is the head of TCNewTech in Traverse City, which at 1600 members averages 200 people per meeting. He's also the CEO and founder of a company called SampleServe that uses technology to update the antiquated process of environmental sampling, from municipal water supply testing to cannabis. It sounds simple, and some of the technology is, but, Schindler tells us, the state of Michigan updated the standards for environmental sampling of soil, water, and the like, a number of years ago, and all of a sudden, it became much harder for companies to not only purchase specialized equipment required to conduct their sampling, but also to process all the data.

Call For Climate Change Tech Interviews + Guest Posts

It's 2020, and as part of Cronicle's expansion across the unique and natural resource-rich Great Lakes region, we will be covering more technology that helps address climate change. If you have a tech company or tech-enabled startup that is helping to address climate change, please contact the editor to be featured on Cronicle Press Tech News in the coming months.
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Happy New Year, everyone! We are excited to kick off this new year with expanding interviews and test drives with the coolest new tech coming out of Michigan, but we need your help. Cronicle Press Tech News is supported through sponsorships of various kinds, and now you can become an individual or corporate Patron as well to help fund the work we are doing to cover the historic growth of tech in the Great Lakes area.

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