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Throdle Creates First Global Automotive Social Network

There's no global database of auto clubs, certainly not one that's multilingual. Creating this is one of the ongoing projects of new startup Throdle, an Ann Arbor SPARK Best of Bootcamp winner and new player in the automotive social media scene. Founder Nadine Lee says that when people connect with a car through a test drive or a track day, they often connect with a brand for life. Connecting potential buyers or new drivers with other people who already own a special vehicle, whether that's a BMW or an EV, helps people discover a love of car culture.
LiveRoad Analytics IoT Road Surface Prediction Sensing
Mobility Tech

The Newest Midwest Mobility Startups To Watch: LiveRoad Analytics

How does a meteorological tech startup working in IoT sensing end up in our mobility startups to watch series? LiveRoad Analytics is a new startup out of Ann Arbor that uses weather sensing data and road surface predictions to support improvements in connected vehicles, as well as fleet management. The technology can be used in logistics, agriculture, insurance and retail as well.
Interplai last-mile delivery robots
Mobility Tech

The Newest Midwest Mobility Startups To Watch:

Ann Arbor last-mile logistics startup announced in late 2020 that it had been accepted into the mobility division of Silicon Valley incubator Plug and Play, which has launched such companies as Paypal and Dropbox after being launched out of Ann Arbor SPARK's incubator. The autonomous delivery robot startup has several unique features to its robots that indicate a potential success for this Midwest autonomous delivery robot company.

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