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E-Commerce Adoption Explodes, Eoxs Offers 1-Day Online Marketplace Solutions

We've seen it repeatedly in recent months: companies are racing to adopt or update e-commerce platforms to keep up with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing buying online. Everything from groceries to steel buying to marketing and networking is now online, and that means demand for online user interfaces, conferencing, e-commerce platforms, and online marketing are at an all-time high. One startup we recently spoke with, Eoxs E-Commerce, was busy disrupting the steel buying industry with online buying platforms, but has since pivoted and expanded their offerings in response to this trend.
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Shine & Rise Creates a Network for Siloed Women in Tech

Women in tech face even more isolation than simply being a minority in the industry. As tech grows and the gender gap persists, many womxn and those identifying outside the cisgender male experience are entering roles as diverse as marketing, operations, and people. This means women could be the only woman in their company and the only woman they know in their role in a tech company. Three women in the growing Ann Arbor tech scene set out to build bridges for womxn in tech: Alison Todak, Kristina Oberly, and Rachel Phillips are all key players in the Ann Arbor tech scene with experience that ranges from community building to HR and marketing in tech startups. They founded Shine & Rise in 2019 to address the isolation of women in the tech industry. Even after a pandemic forced operations virtual, the organization is growing and expanding beyond Ann Arbor. Now, Shine & Rise is taking an active role in helping organizations diversify tech from the inside out.
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Great Lakes Tech Events March & April 2021

For this month's Great Lakes region tech events roundup, we are highlighting more online events available to you remotely for safety, as well as including some in-person events you might want to consider. Many groups have reported that they will be keeping remote live streams to some events after the pandemic, but others will not. It's a great time to check out groups farther from home. This month, we're including tech events from Chicago as well as our usual focus surrounding Southeast Michigan.

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