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Censys Announces New Enterprise Platform To Curate Mass Search Data

Several months ago during our launch, Cronicle interviewed Censys co-founder David Adrian to hear about how a University of Michigan student went from falling into a research project to avoid a machine learning class to having 30,000 customers. Since that interview, Censys has expanded into their first-floor suite on Ann Arbor's Main Street from the second floor, planned a security-themed tech talk for the fall with a colleague from Palo Alto, expanded from 15 people to 28, and just publicly announced their new Censys Enterprise platform tool that curates data sets for users so they don't have to wait 10 months for a data scientist to analyze the massive amount of information Censys can deliver about their servers, domains, and other assets online.
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Tech To Watch: The IT in the D Podcast

Stop what you're doing and check out this list of Detroit-made podcasts. Included in that list: IT in the D, a podcast by "The Geek" Dave Phillips and "The Sales Guy" Bob Waltenspiel, is all about tech in the Motor City. (Also check out Motor City Geek, and even classes to create your own podcast based in Detroit and Royal Oak.) We caught up with IT in the D co-founder Bob Waltenspiel to ask about how IT in the D got to be a popular local podcast about and for Detroit tech.
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Voxel51 Chosen As AI Top Pick To Present at Tech Disrupt 2019

Ann Arbor's Voxel51, an AI startup that analyzes video for self-driving automotive applications and more, was featured last week in TechCrunch for its seed funding round raising $2 million, and because the company was chosen as a top 5 AI/machine learning company across the U.S. selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick to present at Tech Disrupt 2019. AI is growing up, and startups like Voxel51 are getting out there. That's because Voxel51 is using adaptive tech to analyze videos using AI, not just traditionally frame by frame, but through analyzing the relationships between frames to understand what is going on content-wise over time.

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