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cron.i.cle / [ kron-i-kuhl ] : Middle English, Anglo-Norman cronicle.

n. a chronological record of events; a history. v. to record in or as in a chronicle. origins: 1275–1325; Middle English cronicle < Anglo-French, variant of Old French cronique.

cron / χρόνος : Greek, Cron scheduler.

Cron is most suitable for scheduling repetitive tasks. Scheduling one-time tasks can be accomplished using the associated at utility.Platform: LinuxmacOSFreeBSD Type: Command. origins: cron is from the Greek word for time, χρόνος (chronos). 

Cronicle Press Tech News launched in 2019 to cover the historic growth of top-rated tech hub Ann Arbor as it hit critical mass milestones. Pretty soon, we were building bridges covering the underrepresented startup news coming out of Detroit, which was shortly being named an emerging startup hub to watch by Fortune and Forbes. Cronicle quickly grew the first year even as we were still trying to cover all the software, security, life sciences, and funding news coming out of Ann Arbor, to cover the entire Great Lakes region. We are still brand-new, but barely keeping up with the growth of tech as the Midwest’s first dedicated tech-industry media outlet between the coasts. There are so many people with so much news to share, but a struggling news industry hasn’t had room to cover it all and we couldn’t keep waiting.

Welcome to Cronicle Press, a tech news and networking blog for the growing Great Lakes Midwest tech scene. Ann Arbor is our home, but it’s just our home base and a starting place to highlight the growth going on in Midwest tech towns and the growing number of partnerships with the coasts. Please check back for the latest tech news from the Great Lakes, including thought leadership and emerging trends, event writeups, networking opportunities, and profiles of local companies in software, security, life sciences, biomedical tech, aerospace and defense, mobility tech, robotics, machine learning and AI, and sustainable energy. In 2020, we are expanding through the Michigan and Great Lakes region, working from regional tech towns like Detroit and Grand Rapids to Houghton, Muskegon, and Traverse City, and adding other Great Lakes regional Midwest cities including Chicago and Toledo from there.

Cronicle Press was founded by Archie Cowan, the chief technical architect for ITHAKA/JSTOR, and green tech editor and journalist Laura K. Cowan (Inhabitat, Winding Road, Automobile Quarterly, Ann Arbor Observer).

If you would like your tech company featured on Cronicle Press, please contact the editor at laura [at] cronicle.press. We are accepting guest posts, interviewing tech professionals at all levels of the industry, and looking to foster industry discussions on the current tech scene–especially in behind-the-scenes looks at what tech professionals are thinking about and wanting to discuss in their own area of expertise. Our core focus is software, security, and life sciences, but we also are covering the story of how startup culture is changing how businesses are built across the U.S.. Thanks for joining us. If you would like your tech company front and center and to support our expansion to keep covering tech in-depth in an underserved space, please contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

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