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In-Person Michigan Tech Events June/July 2021

Laura Cowan

By Laura Cowan

Laura K. Cowan is a tech editor and journalist whose work has focused on promoting sustainability initiatives for automotive, green tech, and conscious living media outlets.

Cahoots Ann Arbor, Code and Coffee, Ann Arbor tech events July 2021

Cahoots is back to hosting some in-person events, including Code & Coffee meetup.

Michigan tech organizations and enthusiast groups are venturing back to in-person tech events this month. Here are a few highlights of groups that you might consider joining if you're looking for an in-person tech event to attend in late June or in July 2021.

Code & Coffee @ Cahoots

Code & Coffee is going back to in-person for late June, and they're at Cahoots in downtown Ann Arbor.

June 26: 10:00 AM TECH[INCLUSIVE] Code & Coffee Cahoots

A2 Biosocial

Ann Arbor's biotech community is back in person meeting at a bar for the next A2 Biosocial.

July 13: 4:30 PM A2 Biosocial

Northern Michigan Women in Tech

20Fathoms is hosting the Women in Tech meetup for women in northern Michigan in the tech industry at a brewery this month in Traverse City.

July 15: 6:00 PM Women in Tech Traverse City Filling Station Brewery Meetup w/ 20Fathoms

There aren't too many other tech events scheduled locally for July, which tends to be a quiet month, beyond the usual online meetings of A2NewTech July 20, Thinkful webinars on UI/UX and product management, and similar. We hope you have a safe and peaceful summer!

TC NewTech

TC NewTech has been virtual since the pandemic, but will be shifting back to in-person events in July.

July 6: 6:00 PM TC NewTech. Register at Eventbrite to attend.

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