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Prototype Your Product with 3D Printing from TreeTown Tech

Laura Cowan

By Laura Cowan

Laura K. Cowan is a tech editor and journalist whose work has focused on promoting sustainability initiatives for automotive, green tech, and conscious living media outlets.

TreeTown Tech, 3D printing, product prototyping services Ann Arbor

Photo courtesy TreeTown Tech.

Ann Arbor's TreeTown Tech has created a modeling program for prototyping products using a variety of 3D printing technologies.

"Like flying cars and jet packs, 3D printing used to sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi novel. But the advent and spread of this incredible technology have been a boon to the prototyping industry," the founders say.

"If you’ve read our mini-primer on 3D printing, you’ve gotten an overview of how we use this tool at Treetown Tech. Today... we unveil the two primary 3D printers we use, give you a peek at what we’re creating, and delve into why 3D printing is an invaluable element in our prototyping toolbox!"

From fused deposition modeling to stereolithography, if you have been wanting to prototype a product using 3D printing technology, check out TreeTown Tech's explanation of their services over on the TreeTown Tech blog about 3D printing prototyping services today.

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