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Content Marketing Services

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Cronicle offers content marketing & PR consulting for tech startups and small businesses looking to accelerate their growth and position themselves as experts in their industry. We do this through the creation of expert content that ranges from blogs and podcasts to press releases and media outreach. If you have a tech startup or small business looking to expand your brand's visibility and reach through creating great content in a technical field, we would love to help you become the go-to source of information in your space.

Content Marketing for Startups

What is content marketing? It's a newer form of marketing that reflects our societal shift to the online space. How are your clients going to find you and know that you are a trusted expert in your industry? Content that demonstrates your ability to help them.

Many companies put off content marketing until they have a large budget, but as business shifts to remote work and a blended online collaboration model, tech startups in particular are at the forefront of recognizing the need to have a professional online presence -- and to keep building on that to attract new clients over time. Hiring in help for content marketing also means that you have dedicated support for your effort and much faster turnaround -- often days instead of months -- to create content with the right strategy to target your intended audience. Cronicle offers free content strategy planning to help you line up your vision and create content that better funnels your prospective clients toward your marketing conversion goals.

Content Marketing Services

Services include:

+ content marketing strategy planning

+ blog content and management

+ guest posts for magazines and other media

+ pitching founder interviews to media

+ press release production and distribution

+ podcast production

+ social media content management

Are you looking for ways to raise your visibility online to potential clients but aren't sure where to focus first? We offer launch packages for companies creating new blogs or podcasts, to craft an online presence that is right for your company and raise your visibility online. Then we offer ongoing services customized to your company's unique needs.

Want to focus on one particular area of content marketing to start? That's okay! Just let us know what your goals are, and we will work with you to create a great company blog that builds your discoverability online, or to share your company's research or video presentations.

We Specialize In Technical Fields

We specialize in the following industries:

+ sustainable energy / green tech

+ software / IT

+ AR/VR and multimedia tech

+ advanced manufacturing

+ mobility / automotive

+ biotech / health & wellness

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Laura K. Cowan is a veteran tech and wellness journalist with deep experience in sustainability and mobility technology.

Cronicle was founded by tech and media professionals whose deep expertise in software development, publishing, online media, media analysis, and content marketing in technical industries creates a rich background that allows Cronicle to offer communications consulting to founders creating great sources of content online. If your business requires some domain expertise to establish you as industry experts in your space, leverage Cronicle's knowledge of complex industries to partner with you in creating high-quality content that stands out.

Please contact us for more information and for a no-obligation free consultation to talk about your company and your needs.

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