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MI COVID-19 Collaborations

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The following are companies in the Ann Arbor-Detroit and greater Great Lakes region who are working on business or medical solutions to COVID-19. Cronicle is privileged to be a community connection point for tech, education, and biomedical in Michigan but cannot verify the projects below are up to date on an ongoing basis as the coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation that companies are responding to in real time. If you are interested in collaborating with one of the companies below, please contact them directly. If you would like your COVID-19 response collaboration opportunity or request listed on Cronicle, please contact the editor with subject line "COVID-19 Collaboration" with your company name, the nature of your COVID-19 response project plans or requests, and a website and email address for people to learn more.

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COVID-19 Tech & Biomedical Collaboration Opportunities

Maker Community & PPE Manufacturing

Protect-MI.org -- A project including Face Shield Ann Arbor organized by local makers to produce protective gear for hospital workers in Michigan. You can request PPE, drop off gear, and download designs and instructions for producing face shields for healthcare professionals.

Download 3D Printer Design for COVID-19 PPE Face Shields -- from Ohio Manufacturers CAMS and Rogue Fitness Manufacturing

University & Government Projects for COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Modeling -- White House Call To Action to AI/Tech Community on COVID-19 Readable Dataset

University of Michigan Epidemiology Modeling and the Michigan COVID-19 Modeling Dashboard for outbreak modeling.

Apr 17 3 pm Webinar -- Transmission Modeling of Infectious Diseases and the COVID-19 Outbreak, Marisa Eisenberg, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Complex Systems and Mathematics, University of Michigan

COVID-19 HPC Consortium -- encompasses computing capabilities from some of the most powerful and advanced computers in the world. We hope to empower researchers around the world to accelerate understanding of the COVID-19 virus and the development of treatments and vaccines to help address infections. Consortium members manage a range of computing capabilities that span from small clusters to some of the very largest supercomputers in the world.

A Summary of Operations Research & Industrial Engineering Tools to Fight COVID-19.

Tech Company & Biomedical Projects & Services, Michigan Medical Manufacturing Projects & Resources

Akadeum Life Sciences – Akadeum recognizes that many COVID-19 diagnostics protocols require RNA isolation, and we have moved to accelerate development of a nucleic acid engaging microbubble. The same buoyancy-based isolation technology that powers our cell isolation kits will be leveraged to capture & concentrate nucleic acids for downstream analysis. Our objective is to create a simple workflow for the capture of RNA targets without additional equipment such as magnets or columns..

Contact: Please visit akadeum.com/partnerships

EVENTS: 3/27 2 pm Webinar on FDA Emergency Use Authorizations for PPE/Ventilators -- a webinar focused on FDA authorization standards and process for approving newly designed and manufactured ventilators for COVID-19 response.

LEAP, emergency funds small business, Governor Whitmer, Michigan COVID-19 response

LEAP – administers Lansing region’s MedTech Advisory Group, made up leadership of MSU, Sparrow, McLaren and medical technology manufacturers and biotechnology companies, government officials, and other medtech stakeholders in the Lansing region. This group is mobilized with additional area manufacturers to support area health systems through the COVID-19 pandemic.

MSU Foundation – connects industry to Michigan State University’s robust health science and medtech research and technologies.

MEDC – MEDC hosts Pure Michigan Business Connect, a B2B platform currently focused on virtual procurement and donation needs to connect the needs of Michigan’s health systems to local manufacturers and distributors in order to source critical medical supplies.

JAMA -- Jackson Area Manufacturers Assocation is an industry group representing hundreds of central Michigan manufacturers. Connect to find resources on emergency manufacturing partnerships.

Mursix Manufacturing -- a company in eastern Indiana is fielding urgent requests from hospital systems in Michigan and surrounding areas for manufacturing medical equipment. Mursix is available for requests at this time and are currently prototyping parts for ventilators, hospital beds, and vital life signs monitors.

Contact via press release info or SUSAN MURRAY CARLOCK P: (317)371-3560 E: scarlock@mursix.com W: www.mursix.com

SampleServe -- An environmental sampling company with an app that may be useable for COVID-19 medical screening. Video about app here. Looking for an additional $150k funding and high-level talent to help push forward plans to roll out an app for screening and data management of COVID-19 testing. "Our app could cut the time for each individual screening, sampling, and data management from 15 minutes to about 2 mins and reduce the number of people needed, thus minimizing possible spread. We also have an app for labs to quickly receive the sample and match to the data." One page summary here.

Contact CEO RUSSELL SCHINDLER E: russell@sampleserve.com W: sampleserve.com

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 10 21 38 AM 1024x472

Arbor Biosciences -- University of Michigan startup Arbor Biosciences is offering free kits to capture the genetic code of virus samples for researchers working on COVID-19 sequencing. "Variations in the virus’s genetic code reveal how the virus has morphed over time—for instance, enabling it to change from an animal disease to one that can be passed from one human to another. The information could help shed light on how the genes of the virus, SARS-CoV-2, cause the symptoms of the disease COVID-19. But more important in the long run, it could help reveal the factors that enabled the virus to become infectious in humans.” Read more here.

Contact Marketing Director MATTHEW HYMES P: 734-274-2868 W: www.arborbiosci.com

TechStak -- A tech company offering support to businesses creating work-from-home solutions to assure business is conducted securely. Hosting a live webinar on secure work from home solutions March 25. View business resources and webinar info here.

Contact CEO NICOL PASUIT P: 248-752-8650 W: www.techstak.com

Vision Computer Solutions -- VC Solutions is an IT services company out of Ann Arbor offering to collaborate with companies looking to create work-from-home solutions for their employees. "This past week has brought its challenges with the increase of companies requesting to work from home. However, we have been able to successfully help our clients do so. We would love to share the insight we have."

Contact via website page vcsolutions.com/remote or Marketing Specialist SARAH QUEIROS P: 248.349.6115 E: squeiros@vcsolutions.com W: vcsolutions.com

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 10 34 19 AM 1024x301

Education & Remote Technology Services

Webinar Tuesday, April 14 from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. & Friday, April 17 from 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. STEFANINI-HOSTED WEBINAR TO ASSIST IN RECALIBRATING EDUCATION AND TEAM STRUCTURE -- On Friday, April 17, Stefanini will host a webinar focused on embracing virtual business models in light of COVID-19. While the need for agile work hasn’t changed, the implementation is being redefined from people to technology. Speakers include Sujoy Sarkar, software development VP at Stefanini and Nikhil Desai, solution engineering director at Stefanini.

Contact: Register for the AI Education webinar here. Register for the Virtual Business Model webinar here.

Amesite, Inc. -- An artificial intelligence software company providing fully-managed, customized, online learning ecosystems for higher education and business, announced it will offer free expert-moderated discussion portals and resources for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and businesses as they transition to online.

Contact Amesite at press release info W: amesite.com

Clixie Media -- An interactive media tech company that helps people create interactive video and media products. Offering immediate support with the transition to distance learning and waiving standard licensing and monthly fees until Fall 2020 (integration fee, only available U.S. and Brazil).

Contact Clixie Media via contact form W: clixiemedia.com

Mango Languages -- A digital-first language-education solution in K-12 and Higher-Ed, corporations, library systems, and government agencies worldwide is responding to the global COVID-19 crisis by offering its exclusive classroom offerings to eligible educators for free through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Contact Mango Languages at press release info W: mangolanguages.com/

Marketing & Communications Services

Jottful -- An Ann Arbor marketing company with a large online U.S. community of creatives offering everything from logo design to copywriting to photography has created a program where businesses can sign up for free services dealing with COVID-19. CEO Dawn Verbrigghe: "In collaboration with Jottful Community, its 1300-member ecosystem, the company is offering free services such as logo design, SEO, photography, and content writing as a complement to its website design services."

Contact CEO Dawn Verbrigghe via press release signup or visit W: www.jottful.com

DO:BETTER -- A branding company in the Ann Arbor area offering branding services to companies working on COVID-19 programs and getting the word out. If you are looking for quick communications services for COVID response projects: "We're known for taking difficult and complex information and distilling it through thoughtful and creative communication campaigns and plans. We'd love to help flatten that sucker."

Contact Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer DANIELLE MILNER
P: 248.794.9184 E: danielle@dobetterhere.com W: dobetterhere.com

Resources For Businesses Planning COVID-19 Response

Michigan Startup and Entrepreneurial Funding

OptiMize $25,000 Community Aid Projects Fund

Mar 26 (Youtube Recorded Video of Webinar) 3:30 pm ET: Michigan Venture Capital Association Webinar on COVID-19 Impact on Venture-Backed Startups

University of Michigan Survey for Manufacturers to Locate COVID-19 Response Resources for Medical Supplies

Ann Arbor SPARK, Ann Arbor business

World Health Organization Published Standards for Researchers

Michigan Emergency Business Funding for COVID-19

Ann Arbor SPARK's Business Resource List for Michigan Businesses

Michigan Employer Guidelines for Furloughing Rather Than Laying Off Employees To Help Them Get Greater Assistance Benefits

Plasma Donation Resources for Individuals

The National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project is screening tested COVID-19 patients who have not had symptoms for 14 days for possible plasma donation to create an antibody cure.

If you would like to donate plasma to the Red Cross for convalescent plasma treatments for COVID-19, you can register here. Again, you must have been a tested confirmed case and fully recovered.

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