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Thank you to our generous sponsors, who work with Cronicle Press to raise the visibility of the growing tech industries in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and other tech towns around the Great Lakes and Midwest. With your support, we are helping fill the gap in an underserved media space and helping tech professionals connect across silos and cities for new collaborations, further accelerating the growth of technology ecosystems across the U.S. To get your tech company, economic development corporation, bank, fund, or startup in front of our tech readers and support the work we’re doing, please contact the editor at laura [at] cronicle.press.

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Sponsors include business support organization Ann Arbor SPARK, who generously support the growing startup and tech communities of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the surrounding cities.

Trek10, a cloud computing and security consultancy supporting businesses migrating data to the cloud and protecting their assets from data breach.

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DevOps Days Detroit, a grassroots community of devops geeks in the Detroit area who volunteer to put on the popular DevOps Days conference in the Southeast Michigan region.

DevOps Days runs conferences across the U.S. and the world for professionals in the devops space.

DevOpsIsh is a newsletter for DevOps professionals. Covering DevOps, GitOps, Kubernetes and more.

DevOpsIsh is your home for all things super niche and devopsish.

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