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Michigan Tech Events, March 2020

UPDATE 3/12/20: Due to widespread event cancellations related to the spread of COVID-19 virus, please check with organizers to see if groups are still meeting before attending, use caution in public spaces, and be safe. As of this update, the City of Ann Arbor has banned meetings larger than 50 people, and requires social distancing of 3 feet between individuals for smaller groups. Many cities around the state of Michigan are cancelling sporting and professional events, and closing schools and colleges to slow the spread of the virus and prevent overload on the health system. This remains a quickly unfolding situation. Please check with organizers and public health and municipality authorities before attending groups at this time.

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It’s already March, so we’re going back to our standard format for Michigan tech events including meetups this month, in case you’ve missed the usuals. We’ve highlighted a few we think you might be interested in. Have a great month, Great Lakes tech!

TC New Tech

Ann Arbor Detroit Tech Meetups

Student Gaming Showcase University of Michigan Eastern Michigan University

Michigan Tech Conferences & Events

March 5, 2020

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